Nature, sports and leisure activities to boost your teams

Do you know the “High Tech, High Touch” principle first coined by John Naisbitt and conceptualised by David Thornburg? People should find a balance between high-tech skills and high touch skills of life. High touch skills are activities that keep them healthy, energised and creative.

Our team buildings meet this “High Tech, High Touch” need that is expressed in our “5 keys to learn”:

- tailor made team building

- relationship with reality

- playfullness and challenges

- competitive aspect and stimulation of team collaboration

- make sense

Gain efficiency, develop self-confidence , boost your team spirit , discover yourself through various challenges ... real human qualities emerge in new and unpredictable situations where team spirit is built through facing difficulties experienced together.

Depending on your goals, Konki proposes a personalised approach, highlighting your specific company needs - as a company (your values ​​and corporate culture) and as a team (sales , HR, operational , administrative and R & D. ..).

During our teambuilding sessions, several aspects of interpersonal relationships and factors influencing your team's competitiveness can be  addressed: Coaching & motivating - Creating positive dynamics - Managing conflicts and addressing issues - Gaining efficiency - Solution-driven management - Decision making - ...


Some of our teambuilding activities:

The e Quest                               New !

The e Quest is a gamified outdoor team building using tablets and GPS as  orientation tools,  meets the “High Tech, High Touch” need perfectly!

This tailor made team building made of enigmas resolution and playfull  challenges (like taking photos, video and  soundtrack) enables:

  • - the setting of objectives,
  • - the concretization of abstract ideas: values, corporate culture, etc.
  • - messages to communicate
  • - real learning and experience of the theory via play mode that allows  anchoring and memorization


- lower budget

- larger groups

- more freedom: less coaching but effective and "to the point" coaching

- increased participation by:

  • - emulation of the group
  • - challenges
  • - the fact that everyone takes the game ... and lets his inner child talk

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We proposed also High Touch skills stimulation without technology ...

The Green Quest
We offer a quest towards well-being combining teamwork, an orienteering race and environmental education. Sense of direction, observation and map-reading skills will be required from your team to discover and follow clues in the wonderful setting of the Sonian Forest (or elsewhere). Exercises and wellness advices will also be given throughout the quest to reach destination.
We guarantee a relaxing, friendly and constructive activity!

The Nordic Quest
For those preferring a more active or athletic team building, try the Nordic Quest. This quest combines teamwork, Nordic walking and an orienteering race. This is a gentle sports activity set in the surrounding forest and nature.



Orienteering Race
Orienteering in a team is a sporting activity navigating with a map and compass in a forest. The traditional form is cross-country running but other forms such as Nordic walking or mountain biking are possible.
Participants follow a circuit consisting of several checkpoints. To find these quickly, participants  follow a 3-step decision making process: identifying and locating on the map, choosing the most efficient itinerary route and then following it.


Practised outdoors using natural elements,  Bootcamp is based on techniques inspired by simple army training methods, made up of natural obstacles and challenges where teamwork is definitely an asset! Bootcamp sessions are adapted to the participants' physical abilities and hence suitable to all but do require motivation and effort.

Run Bike Bike

This race, between teams of 3 or more, alternates running and biking, with participants switching roles regularly.
The complexity of this challenge varies according to the area's topography and distance travelled. It requires teamwork and good communication to manage resources and share difficulties, taking into account each team member's strengths and weaknesses.

Challengers’ Raid

A natural raid inspired by triathlons, the Challengers' Raid is a true sporting event combining mountain biking, running and Nordic walking, on forest trails and obstacle courses, on foot and on bikes. A challenge where team spirit prevails over individual prowess.
The uninterrupted succession of the three challenges, rather than focusing only on performance, requires strong motivation, coaching, communication and teamwork in order to get the best out of each participant, according to his/her capacities.  

Build in Harmony
We are all artists!
Building together a percussion 'ensemble' that makes sense! Some music instruments ... Cajon, tambourines, bongos, bells, drums, ... and rhythm. You will be amazed by the power of the sound coming out from your teamwork in only 90 minutes. From chaos will spring harmony!



The Blue & Green Race
A unique teambuilding in Belgium combining business, rowing, wellness and stress management.
Rowing is the ultimate team sport requiring mental flexibility, strength and power. This search for excellence demands team spirit and solidarity. You learn to synchronise the four rowers' movements and move the boat smoothly together without needing force or big muscles
As in any successful team or company it's about creating the best team, using existing resources, growing together, controlling individualism and coordinating efforts.



Konki also creates bespoke teambuilding events combining any sports, health & wellness workshops. Our activities can easliy  be integrated into your own company events, such as Teambuilding, Incentives, Family Days, Discovery Days, etc.

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